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Tool Day

Tool Days capitalize on the fun of hands-on investigative work in architecturally interesting buildings to introduce educators, students and A&E practitioners to the world of building performance analysis, and to the Vital Signs and Agents of Change projects. Above all, Tool Days provide an introduction into the amazing power of the current generation of affordable, portable tools for studying the dynamics of the physical environment.

John Hope Gateway
Edinburgh, Scotland July 2, 2017
The Edinburgh Tool Day explored the John Hope Gateway building at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Designed by Cullinan Studio the building features multiple green architecture features befitting its setting in a beautiful garden.
Cronkite School of Journalism
Phoenix, AZ May 22, 2010
Phoenix Tool Day explored ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The LEED Silver Cronkite Building was constructed with numerous green features.
Market Arcade
Buffalo, NY May 16, 2009
Participants explored Buffalo's historic
Market Arcade, noted for its daylighting and natural ventilation.
UCSD Student Academic Services Facility (SASF)
San Diego, CA May 4, 2008
Participants delved into the newly completed, award-winning facility designed by Rob Wellington Quigley Architects & Planners. The building features passive strategies for avoiding heat gain, ventilation, daylighting, and extending use to outdoor spaces.
Cleveland Environmental Center
Cleveland, OH July 13, 2007
Participants will get inside Ohio's first  green adaptive reuse designed by Doty & Miller Architects & Planners. The building features a plethora of green strategies including a green roof, PVs, and daylighting. The history and sustainable design features of the former bank building are highlighted in the CEC Virtual Tour
    Denver REI
Denver, CO July 13, 2006
Tool Day participants explore
d REI's award-winning Denver Flagship store designed by Mithun Architects, a firm with a reputation for and a portfolio of sustainable architecture. We had an opportunity to view the behind the scenes operations and assess the store in use.
    Florida Solar Energy Center
Cocoa, FL, 2005
At the FSEC Tool Day, participants explored the Solar Energy Centerís leading edge building, one of the most energy-efficient buildings designed for hot-humid climates. The study teams explored glazing, mullion, roofing, and lighting sensor issues under the hot August sun.
    Brewery Blocks
Portland, OR, 2004
Participants of the Portland Tool Day explored the Brewery Blocks, with an emphasis on the Art Institute that occupies the second floor of Block 4. The building has light shelves, solar panels, an eco-roof, and more. It is expected to be LEED
ô-rated. Participants focused upon lighting and visual comfort.
    Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Austin, TX, 2003

Despite searing heat and chiggers, participants were treated to explorations of both Pliny Fisk's Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems and the University of Texas School of Architecture's entry in the 2002 Solar Decathlon, which was reconstructed on site at MaxPot.
    Patagonia Service Center
Reno, NV, 2002
Miller/Hull Partnership's high performance building was inspected from top to bottom, from inside to outside to reveal its thermal secrets and answer questions such as, "Why don't tracking skylights work at the foot of the Sierra Nevada?" And, " How do you avoid air-conditioning in the desert?"
    National Building Museum
Washington DC, 2001
Five teams of five roved the Great Hall of the National Building Museum in search of thermal stratification and microclimates. Helium balloons and submersible SBSEers were added to the usual repertoire of Vital Signs equipment to aid these investigations.


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